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All-State Program







All State Team

(Criteria for Commanders and Quartermasters)

Contest Deadline is April 1, 2024 NO EXCEPTIONS

Read the criteria carefully: Membership must be Posted at National Headquarters and reflect on the VFW MEMSTATS page by 8AM,AST, April 1, 2024 "NO EXCEPTIONS"

Up to four (4) Post Commanders and four (4) Post Quartermasters will be selected to the All State Team.The Department Commander and Department Senior Vice Commander will select one Post Commander and Quartermaster to be the All State Captains.

Following is the criteria that will be used to select the All State Teams:

130 points must be achieved to be considered for All State, with 102% Membership being a requisite and participation in at least 3 of the 5 asterisked (**) programs from the list below.

For All State purposes, 102% Membership is defined as having obtained 102% with 2% of the 102%being New and/or Reinstated Members.

Membership is worth 50 points and will count towards the 130 points necessary for All State consideration.

Tiebreakers will be decided by Department Commander, with Membership being a priority.


Quarterly Trustee Reports: Quarterlies must be in on time and each quarterly is worth 10 points (on time is defined by the end of the following month after the quarter ends.)  40 points available

**Voice of Democracy: One entry advanced to Department judging. 10 points available

** Patriot’s Pen: One entry advanced to Department judging. 10 points available

** National Citizenship Education Teacher’s Award: One entry advanced to Department judging. 10 points available

** Buddy Poppy: Purchase a minimum of 3 original buddy poppies per member or 5 tin buddy poppies per member. 10 points available

** State Commander Project (National Home): $1.00 per member donation up to a maximum of $300.00 for Posts over 300 members. 10 points available.

Quartermaster Bond: Must be current and sufficient. Bond must be through the VFW in accordance with the National By-Laws. 5 points available

Veterans & Military Support: Hold a fundraiser and make a donation to Department for VMS (formerly National Military Services) 15 points available

National Veterans Services: Appoint a Post Service Officer. 15 points available

VFW Member of the Year: To recognize a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars who has exemplified in their actions and accomplishments. One entry advanced to Department judging. 10 points available

JROTC Member of the Year: To recognize outstanding achievement and exceptional leadership  for Junior ROTC Cadets. 10 points available

Employee of the Year: To confer recognition on one employer for outstanding records in the hiring and retention of veterans. 10 Points available